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DEC Annual Report 2016

1. Accept the challenge, answer the call.

We all share a duty to make this a better world in which to live. And by making a difference in the lives of others, we make ourselves happier and boost our own self-esteem.

2. Amazing how much we can do together.

As individuals we can only accomplish so much. But when we come together to volunteer our services and contribute our resources, we have the power to move mountains.

3. A pet project that’s making a difference.

Shelter cats get a new “leash” on life, thanks largely to DEC volunteers. The animals, however, are not the only ones benefitting from these acts of kindness.

4. Ending hunger in our community.

Food for thought: fighting to end hunger in our neighborhoods gives less fortunate neighbors a helping hand, while enabling volunteers themselves to beef up their own job skills.

5. Good “soles” helping others to persevere.

Created out of one family’s tragedy to serve humankind, a local charity teaches us that despite our many differences, we are all intrinsically connected to one another.

6. Ready to do well by doing good?

None of us can do everything. But each of us can do something. So what about you? Are you ready to do what you can… and reward yourself while you help others?

7. Dollars and sense: support DEC

With your help, DEC can continue to provide individuals and families in our area with tailored therapies, high quality programs and innovative services — year-round and round-the-clock.

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