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DEC Annual Report 2016

 Thank you for your donations, kindness and support.

DEC Champions

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Keating, Jr.
Philidor Rx Services LLC
Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation


Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
Rev. and Mrs. Kurt Asplundh
Child Development Foundation
Genesis Asset Protection
The Hill School
Mr. and Mrs. James Keating

President’s Club

Mr. Kirk Armbrust
Mr. and Mrs. L. Steuart Brown, Jr.
Haverford Trust Company
Flynn & O’Hara Uniforms, Inc.
Tabitha Heit, Salon Norman-Dee
Jackson/Lewis Attorneys at Law
Ladies Aid Society of Cent. Schwenkfelder Church
Mrs. Harlow Lewis
Jon Allan Peet, MD LLC
James J. Muller, Attorney
Mrs. Carolyn V. Reitz
Mr. Gerald R. Saulino
PCA Industrial & Paper Supplies
Tycor Benefit Adminstrators, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Warner
Mr. and Mrs. George and Annaliese Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Wu

Trustees Circle

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Adams
Armbrust & Associates P.C.
Mrs. L. Steuart Brown, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ciccarone
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cook, Jr.
National Business Furniture
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Goodsir
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Haggard
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hess
Mrs. Sandra Kohn
C & C Construction Management, Inc.
PayPal Global Ops Leadership Team
Ms. Dorothy L. Rieser
Mr. Matthew Scanlan II
Mrs. James Skinner
Greg Small, Financial Planner
Ms. Amanda Stewart
Donald Strein
Volpe Enterprises, Inc.

DEC Ambassadors

Canon Solutions America
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Armbrust
Mrs. Jane Armstrong
Mrs. Patricia Bennett
Mr. Mark Cardaci
David & Judith David Carey
Mrs. Nancy E. Carlin
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Curran
Ms. Patricia Davis
Ms. Denise Dean
Mr. and Mrs. Charles DiPuppo
Gregory J. Dunn
Elite 3 Facilities Maintenance
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence P. Genuardi
Dr. and Mrs. Simon Golec
Mr. and Mrs. James Hargadon
Havpak International, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hendler
Interstate Fleets, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Intrieri
Fred M. Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan C. Kearney
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew London
Martinelli Financial Services
William R. May Funeral Home
Mr. Thomas A. McGinley
Robert and Karen Meade
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Minehart
Mr. Paul Mirabile
Mrs. Marion Moore Schaeffer
Mr. and Mrs. William Neal
P & I Automotive Inc.
Daniel C. Paciello, Real Estate
Pizonka, Reilley, Bello & McGrory, P.C.
Roddy, Inc.
SEI Investments
Shapson Public Relations
Black Horse Auto Body Shop, Inc.
McMenamin Family Shop Rite
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Shore
Mrs. Hermine Steinberg
Mr. Donald Strein, Sr.
Thomas Wynne and Jericho Manor Apartments
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Vanett
Mr. Patrick J. Wasson
Yardumian Family

Century Club

American Legion Post #244
Ms. Diana Allan
Anonymous #2
Ardmore Tire, Inc.
Bala and Isha Balasubramanian
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Beth Basile
BEC Inc.
Mrs. Kathleen Billitto
Mr. and Mrs. William Bole
Bonus Marketing, Inc.
Mrs. Mary Brendlinger
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bush
Caparo Jewlers, Inc.
Mr. Lee A. Casper
Moyer Pest Control
Ms. Heidi R. Crosby
Mr. and Mrs. David and Cherie Crowther
Joseph Daino, Jr.
Mark Damiani Painting, Inc.
DAVAR Services, Inc
DEC North Penn Training Center Auxiliary
Mr. and Mrs. William DeCarlo
Daniel Del Bonifro
Ms. Carol M. DiMino
Mrs. Gloria DiMino
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DiSanto
Patrick M. Donan, Esq.
Mr. William J. Epprecht III
Liberty Mutual Foundation
Ms. Merry A. Francen
Mr. and Mrs. George Gambone
Mr. and Mrs. James Greenwalt
Mr. and Mrs. Walt Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Gruber
Patti Hagen
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Harken
Mr. George H. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. John Harrison
Ms. Sue Heckler
Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Henke
Joseph Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Jantes
Ms. Ann Marie Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Klee
Ms. Trudy Knorr
Mr. Joseph Kresky
Kulp Car Rentals
Kurtz Construction Company
Ms. Sondra S. Lewis
Elaine F. Litwa
Marleen Livingstone
Custom Pest Solutions, LLC
Lutz & Travers, L.L.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lojewski
Dr. Helene Lotman and Dr. Frank Tallman
Mrs. Evelyn Lotman
Rev. and Mrs. Ronald Lutz
Marilyn Lutz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mann
Francis Skeets Mariano
Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC
Ms. Mary E. McAuley
Meridian Bank
Tube Methods, Inc.
Mirabile Properties
Mrs. Seda Mirabile
Mrs. Marie L. Muller
Mr. Michael O’Hara
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pali
Paul’s Auto Repair, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Palermo
Mr. Mark Phander
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Pollock
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Pompei
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy and Sarah Raisch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Raquet
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Reilly
Mrs. Dolly Riggin
Ms. Sharon Robins
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Rotondo
Russell Bros., Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sanders
Rams Recycling & Container Service Inc.
Peter Sinopoli
Russel A. Morello & Sons, Inc.
Richard R Stiebritz
Richard A. Stratford
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Stredler
Mr. and Mrs. James Sutton
Mrs. Rita Tornetta
Valley Forge Packaging
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Verner
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Vierling
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wagner, III
Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Wakefield
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Wasson
Mr. and Mrs. James Waynick
Mr. Tom West
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Whittaker
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Yagodzinski

Friends of DEC

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Alba
Mrs. Sandra Barlow
Mr. and Mrs. John Beard
Michael and Anne Benton
Shirley D. Berry
Ms. Paula Bodden
Peter and Jane Boylan
Neil Brassell
Robert C. Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Cardonick
Mr. and Mrs. William Carfrey
Mr. Thomas J. Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cassano
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Chaiken
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Charles
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Chawla
Ms. Eileen A. Chepy
Mr. Gary Clift
Mr. Lloyd Combs
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dahms
Mr. and Mrs. George Detwiler, II
Mr. and Mrs. Robert DiPardo
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Dotts
Mrs. Althea Dougherty
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Downs
Ms. and Mrs. Jude Drelling
Shana Eckert
Ms. Gloria B. Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Epifanio
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Eschbach
Daniel Esposito
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Etskovitz
Richard and Sharon Fagley, Sr.
George and Susan Falconero
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Feller
Jane Fennelly
Mr. William F. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fitzgerald
Flocco’s Discount Shoes Clothes & Formalwear
Mr. Brian Foster
Mr. David D. Fox, Jr.
Mr. Bernard Galetti
Merck Partnership for Giving
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Goldberg
Mrs. Fredele Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Goldhammer
Kurt Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gubler
Joseph and Rose Hannum
Mr. and Mrs. David Haywood
Mr. and Mrs. R. Edward Hickman
Ms. Linda Holladay
Ms. Joanne Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Huxoll
Ms. Karen Kenny
Mr. and Mrs. Steven King
Knights of Columbus Epiphany Council 10605
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Knisely
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koch, Sr.
Michael and Margaret Kochan
Robert W Kochman
Mr. Mike Kohan
Mr. Harry Kutz
Charles and Phyllis Lacroix, Jr.
Mr. Richard Lefchak
Mrs. Anne Lewandowski
Ms. Evelyn Lindemuth
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Liszewski
Ken’s Lawn Maintenance, Inc.
Mrs. Sally Mandes
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Mankus
Mrs. Elizabeth Marczak
William and Christine Marych
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Masceri
Mrs. Alessandra McCarraher
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McKenna
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McPhillips
Mr. and Mrs. James McSherry
Ms. Patricia Mess
Ms. Ethel Metz
Mrs. Migliarese
Mr. Michael Neal
Mr. and Mrs. William O’Donnell
Ms. Maggi O’Hara
Ms. Donna Osinski
Douglas Pacitti
Mr. Michael Pascarella, Jr.
Dante Pergolese
Ms. Rebecca Plantz
Peter P. Polloni
Mr. and Mrs. William Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rakus
Rau Animal Hospital
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Raymond
Mrs. Norma Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Romano
Barbara Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Nicole Ryder
Mr. Stephen Sable
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schmale
Sheri Scott
Ms. Fern Seidt
Jacob M. Sitman, Esq. & Mrs. Rebecca Sitman
C.J. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Clay and Kathleen Smith
Ms. Victoria Stanley
Dan T. Stearns
Mr. Irving Stein and Dr. Lynn Myers, VMD
Mrs. Sandra Stropas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Subranni
Mrs. Evelyn Toff
Tonbo Visual Promotions
Mrs. Lawrence F. Tornetta
Bernard and Helen Toth
Unipak Incorporated
United Way of North Penn
USI Insurance Services
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Veit
Mr. and Mrs. Dante Volpe, Sr.
Mr. Raymond Vozzo
Linda Wagner Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Weiss
Mrs. Dawn Westermann
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Winkel
Dr. Melvyn A. Wolf
Rental World
Mrs. Sally Wynne
Stephen W Yorks

Gifts in Kind

Creative Closets
Crossing Vineyards
Mark Cardaci
Coach Phil Martelli and St. Joseph’s University
Dave and Buster’s Philadelphia Mills
The Great Britains Jaguar Willow Grove
Philmont County Club
Seven Stars Inn
Thompson Auto
Tonbo Visual Promotions

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