Development Enterprises corporation


DEC and the Curtis Institute partner up

“An ensemble of four student musicians from the Curtis Institute of Music performed a concert for 135 intellectually challenged men and women Wednesday in Willow Grove, showing them that music really is a universal language.

“Music is mentally enriching and the ultimate as far as working as a team, developing relationships, the kind of things we like our people to do,” said Susan Golec, CEO of Developmental Enterprises Corporation, or DEC, where the concert took place.”

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DEC helps disabled individuals find work

For the past three years, employees of the Developmental Enterprises Corp. in Upper Moreland have worked diligently to package scented masks to be shipped to dentists’ offices throughout the world.

It’s a repetitive, and some would say menial, task. But, when asked what they enjoy about it, the workers say, “everything.”

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