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Our Impact at DEC

2018 was another successful year for DEC. But… what is success? For us success is, as our Executive Director, Susan Golec, would say “always doing the right thing with good intentions.” Since we were founded in 1971, this sentiment has guided our work, our staff, and our IMPACT on the community. DEC’s services for intellectually disabled adults are provided with unwavering commitment and enthusiasm. Without these key components, our IMPACT just would not be the same.

This report provides insight into our IMPACT on the com- munity and those we serve each day; a by-the-numbers look at the work that we do and the people we serve and employ. What you will not learn from simply reviewing the numbers is that DEC prides itself on being a responsible employer, provider, and steward of the public and private support we receive from individual, corporate and foundation donors. This year’s report allows us to share some of our successes from the past year and showcase how your INVESTMENT in us supports the IMPACT we have on the community.

Our IMPACT as a Provider


Provider | Employer | Business Partner | Steward

DEC continues to evolve as a responsible provider and community asset. In order to ensure that our programs deliver the most IMPACT to the individuals we serve, we work with each individual, their caregivers, and County staff so that every person gets the support they need.

In 2018, DEC worked with 442 intellectually disabled individuals to provide work experiences, training, therapies, and volunteer opportunities that help each person reach their goals. Our IMPACT as a provider has a ripple effect on our community. When we support someone in a job, they are paying taxes and participating in the economy. When the individuals we serve learn new skills through therapies and workforce training, they live more independent lives filled with choices and opportunities for employment, socialization and growth. When we facilitate opportunities for our clients to find joy and fulfillment in volunteering, they consistently contribute more than 500 hours of volunteer time each year.

One of the best examples of our IMPACT as a provider is our Healthy Eating, Healthy Living program which has been helping our clients in the Pottstown area get and stay healthy for the last 14 years. Provided in partnership with the Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation, this program has helped an average of 45 people per year to lose or maintain weights; reach and sustain healthy blood pressures; exercise regularly; and plant and tend three community garden plots. This program improves the lives of the individuals who participate and has, on occasion, helped to detect more serious health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The individuals served by this program continue to learn new skills and new concepts that help to make a positive IMPACT on their everyday lives.

Our IMPACT as an Employer


Provider | Employer | Business Partner | Steward

DEC employs more than 160 staff, 134 of whom have been with us for 5 or more years. DEC also contracts with a variety of community partners so that we can provide nutrition education, wellness programming, literacy training, yoga,
tai chi, music therapy, and pet therapy to the individuals we serve. Additionally, our staff support more than 100 intellectually disabled individuals who work and live independently in the community.

Why is this important?

  • #1 Many of our clients have been with us since graduating from high school and stay with us into their golden years. Having long-term staff in place means consistency and stability for those we serve.
  • #2 Our programs are only successful if we attract and keep quality employees and community partners. We are driven to recruit and train a dedicated workforce as we focus on providing meaningful, individualized programs for the individuals we serve.

We know that the work we do is important, but we also know that we cannot have an IMPACT on those we serve without placing value on those we employ. Our North Penn location (pictured here) has an amazing staff, each of whom is dedicated to enhancing the lives of our clients. Our team members support the individuals we serve in a variety of work activities, both paid and volunteer. In 2018, staff supported our individuals as they completed more than 10,580 hours of work in over 50 different kinds of jobs.

Our IMPACT as an Business Partner


Provider | Employer | Business Partner | Steward

Last year, DEC partnered with more than 30 different companies to provide employment opportunities to the individuals we serve. Because of DEC, 248 intellectually disabled adults take home a paycheck, who may not otherwise have that experience.

Through our employment services programs, the individuals we serve have the opportunity to develop workplace skills, socialize, and participate in the community. We help our clients to find work they enjoy while acting as a responsible partner to those businesses with which we collaborate.

DEC is always looking for new ways to work with businesses throughout Montgomery County, PA. Most recently, we have developed opportunities for our clients to work on-site at a variety of different types of companies. The employers we work with know that it’s the IMPACT individuals have in the workplace that provides a sense of accomplishment and pride. We keep this concept top of mind as we help to customize employment programs that assist individuals living with intellectual disabilities by preparing them for integrated employment.

Our community business partners know that when they choose to employ individuals through DEC, they can count on dedicated, hard-working folks who are prepared for the day and supported as they strive to make an IMPACT in the workplace.

Our IMPACT as a Steward


Provider | Employer | Business Partner | Steward

DEC cannot carry out its mission without the investment of individual, foundation and corporate donors. We do receive support from state and federal government sources, but that covers the bare minimum in terms of service provision. Over the last 15 years, more than 1600 of you have made gifts to DEC resulting in more than
$2 million in philanthropic support. The IMPACT of your giving is undeniable.

Because you have chosen to invest in the individuals served by DEC, you are having a direct IMPACT on their lives. Because of you we can serve more people, and we can serve more people better.

Thank you for being our partners and investors as we continue to seek out the best ways to empower and IMPACT our clients and our communities.

DEC Champions

Tri County Community Network
Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation
The Estate of Mrs. Jane P. Bartholomew
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Keating, Jr.


Child Development Foundation
Rev. and Mrs. Kurt Asplundh

President’s Club

Mark and Christine Armbrust
Mr. Kirk Armbrust
Little Tower Foundation
James J. Muller, Attorney
Mrs. Carolyn V. Reitz
Mr. and Mrs. Harlow Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Wu
Andrew Souder

Trustees Circle

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. James Keating
Ladies Aid Society of Cent. Schwenkfelder Church
Mr. Gerald R. Saulino
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. William Neal
Mrs. Sandra Kohn

DEC Ambassadors

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DiSanto
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hendler
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Intrieri
Kulp Car Rentals
William R. May Funeral Home
Mr. Thomas A. McGinley
National Appraisal & Adjustment Service
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Vanett
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Wasson
Ardmore Tire, Inc.
Mrs. Patricia Bennett
Mrs. Nancy E. Carlin
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence P. Genuardi

Thank you, donors!

T. C. Lewandowski
Robert and Karen Meade
Mr. Matthew Scanlan II
Black Horse Auto Body Shop, Inc.
Dr. Helene Lotman and Dr. Frank Tallman
Friends of Center Point Club
PCA Industrial & Paper Supplies
Ms. Denise Dean
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Klee
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weigle

Century Club

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Armbrust
Mrs. Jane Armstrong
Mrs. Sandra Barlow
Ms. Paula Bodden
Mr. and Mrs. William Bole
Mary Brauman
Mrs. Marion R. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bush
Caparo Jewelers, Inc.
Ms. Elizabeth Carlson

Charles DiLiberto Plumbing and Heating
Ms. Diane Costanzo
Mark Damiani Painting, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William DeCarlo
Mr. and Mrs. Charles DiPuppo
Ms. Jacqueline Gamble
Mr. and Mrs. George Gambone
Mr. Dominic Genuardi, Sr.
Genuine Automotive Service German Auto Specialists Ltd.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Goodsir
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Gruber
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hannum, Jr.
Daniel J. Hart
Engels Insurance, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Jantes
Jefferson Methodist Hospital
Joy Joy Cleaners, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kozikowski
Ms. Sondra S. Lewis
Marleen Livingstone
Custom Pest Solutions, LLC

Lutz & Travers, L.L.C.
Center Square Motors, LTD
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Mackler
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mann
Martinelli Financial Services
Margaret Mazullo
Tube Methods, Inc.
Mr. Paul Mirabile
Mrs. Seda Mirabile
P & I Automotive Inc.
Paul’s Auto Repair, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Pollock
Judy Romano
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rosiello
Rams Recycling & Container Service Inc.
Robert Feliciani Sr. & Son Inc.
Russell A. Morello & Sons, Inc.
Dr. Dean Steinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Stredler
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Teich
Mrs. Rita Tornetta
Christine Valera
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Whittaker
Mr. Jeffrey Winokur
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Yike, Jr.
Ms. Ann Marie Kirk
Rotary Club of Pottstown
Bux-Mont Transportation Services Co.
Joseph Daino, Jr.
Mr. William J. Epprecht III
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Harken
Joseph Kresky
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Lockyer
Ms. Sharon Robins
D. M. Sabia & Co., Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James Sutton
Marlene Catagnus
Network for Good
Kappa Sigma Delta Sorority
Mr. Patrick J. Wasson
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Aulffo
Mr. and Mrs. L. Steuart Brown, Jr.
Charles and Susan Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ciccarone
Ms. Patricia Davis
Mrs. Brendan C. Kearney
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Reilly
Mrs. Bridgette White

Friends of DEC

Vanguard YourCause Matching Gift Program
DEC Administrative Office
DEC Board of Directors
Neil and Bernadette Dougherty
Jane Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Lofton
Guy Tammaro
Mr. Ron Thomas
Mrs. Olga Widnes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cassano
Ms. Joanne Holmes
Jerome and Joan Millan
Mr. and Mrs. John Beard
Mr. and Mrs. William Carfrey
Mr. Thomas J. Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marks
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McPhillips
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Raquet
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rio
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Winkel
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Chawla
David and Judi Himes
Linda D. Ayers
Mr. and Mrs. Juergen Beigel
Cynthia Carr
Anthony and Elizabeth Catagnus, Sr.
Michael and Leslie Catagnus, III
Ms. E. Louise or Casey L. Darden
Mr. Anthony J. Faracchio
Timothy F. Flavin (Family)
Mr. Bernard Galetti
Kathleen Hanrahan
Mr. and Mrs. John Harris

Kate King
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Krohn
Mr. Richard Lefchak
Richard and Eileen Micklos
Esther Miller
Mr. Michael Pascarella, Jr.
Edward and Susan Reilley
Rebecca Boudwin Reilley
Kathleen M. Seweryn
Keith and Karen Siwik
Lynn Sperling
Mrs. Lawrence F. Tornetta
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Vierling
Robert W & Eileen R Zewski
Mrs. Marie L. Muller
Mary Ann and John Chick
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Goldberg
Mrs. Norma Rogers
Mrs. Sally Wynne
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Epifanio
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Goldhammer
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Mankus
Mr. and Mrs. Turner
Jonathan and Marlene Graub
Senior Helpers NE
Coventry Parlor at Laurel Locks, LLC
Timothy and Wanda Levengood, Sr.
Allen Door & Service Corp.
Mrs. Kathleen Billitto
Jeffrey and Harriet Bleiman
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Chaiken
Mrs. Valerie Chauvette
Ms. Eileen A. Chepy
Mr. Lloyd Combs

Mr. and Mrs. William Concannon
Ms. Carol M. DiMino
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic DiPaolo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert DiPardo
Patrick M. Donan, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Dotts
Debbie Eley
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Etskovitz
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Frederick
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Fuerman
Mr. and Mrs. James Greenwalt
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gubler
Mr. and Mrs. James Hargadon
Elizabeth Homa
Mark King
Mr. and Mrs. Steven King
Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Leiby
Bruce Levin, MD and Cathy Levin, DMD
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew London
Ken’s Lawn Maintenance, Inc.
Dorothy Mazullo
Lawrence and Dorothy McAlee
Ms. Patricia Mess
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Miller
Ms. Maggi O’Hara
Joseph and Maureen Palantino
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Paschall
Emily Peden
Rau Animal Hospital
Eleanor Reilley
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J. Richard and Patricia Schafer
Peter Sinopoli
Mr. Irving Stein and Ms. Lynn Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Verner
Mr. and Mrs. Dante Volpe, Sr.
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Murray and Joan Weiss
Dr. Melvyn A. Wolf
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Mrs. Dolly Riggin
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Rotondo
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sanders
Kathryn Wolfe
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Gifts in Kind

Boot n Shoot
Conshohocken Brewery
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Crooked Eye Brewery
Kevin Emery and National Business Furniture
Kramer Portraits
Marleen Livingstone
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Philmont Country Club
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DEC Financial Highlights


DEC is passionately committed to supporting developmentally disabled individuals to reach their fullest potential. We provide a dignified and safe environment for all individuals, to encourage value, hope, self-esteem, independence and responsibility.


DEC envisions persons with disabilities living healthy, meaningful, productive and safe lives that are rich in community associations and contributions and who have valued roles in their communities. DEC’s services are dedicated to this vision.


Developmental Enterprises Corporation Administrative Headquarters
333 East Airy Street
Norristown, PA 19401-5039

Day Programs
1581 North Trooper Road, Worcester, PA
333 East Airy Street, Norristown, PA
1513 Orvilla Road, Hatfield, PA
950 East High Street, Pottstown, PA
2710 Terwood Road, Willow Grove, PA


DEC provides equal opportunity in all its services, programs and employment. No person will be discriminated against because of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, disability, military status or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal or state law.