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DEC Annual Report 2017

1. Tell Me What You See

Numbers tell a story, but not the entire story. To put things into perspective, scratch beneath the surface and seek out the stories behind the numbers.

2. When I’m Sixty-Four

The numbers say people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are living longer, safer, more productive lives. Why? Well, you need to know the full story.

3. All You Need Is Love

Almost two-thirds of the individuals served by DEC perform community service. These volunteers have learned that when we help others, we also help ourselves.

4. Don’t Pass Me By

Time and again, people with developmental disabilities have proven themselves to be productive, reliable and enthusiastic workers. All they need is a chance.

5. Come Together

The number of businesses that sponsor DEC activities has doubled. By doing “good,” companies themselves stand to profit. Literally and figuratively.

6. With A Little Help From My Friends

DEC has come so far, rising to meet new challenges. But there’s much more to be done. It’ll take your help and support for DEC to achieve its vital mission.

7. All Together Now: Support DEC

With your help, DEC can continue to provide individuals and families in our area with tailored therapies, high quality programs and innovative services — year-round and round-the-clock.

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