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DEC Annual Report 2017

""The numbers — and the stories behind the numbers — tell quite a story.

Developmental Enterprises Corporation is, indeed, rising the meet the challenge.  But there is still so much more we must do.  Imagine how many more individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout our area could be served by DEC, given the necessary resources.

We could double the level of Supportive Living Services we provide to support those who can select and move into a home or apartment, acquire household furnishings, manage personal financial affairs, deal responsibly with daily living activities and emergencies, and be productive, participating members of their community.

We could double our capacity to serve the complex needs of individuals with the most challenging physical and developmental disabilities at our Center Point facility in Worcester.

""We could offer even more specialized services and therapies; create more volunteer opportunities and organize more educational and recreational trips to promote community participation; broaden social skill development among the individuals we serve, and generate many more employment opportunities that benefit those men and women who want and are able to work.

We’re DEC … and we are here every day for more than 600 individuals and their families with an array of high quality programs and innovative services whenever they need us.  But to fulfill our mission, partner, we need you.

Join DEC’s growing family of corporate sponsors.  Assign your business’ packaging, assembly and fulfillment requirements to the well-trained and highly motivated individuals in our DECWorks program.  Provide a meticulously-trained, results-driven individual with an employment opportunity to promote self-esteem, responsibility and independence.

Most important, please make a generous financial contribution to DEC.  We’ve come so far since 1971.  But there’s still a long road to travel.  Let’s see it through and get the job done.  Together.


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