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About Us

About Us

In 1971, a group of parents with intellectually disabled children shared a common vision: to create a place where people with disabilities could live healthy, meaningful, productive and safe lives in communities where they are valuable and valued for their contributions. That dream has become a reality for thousands of intellectually disabled adults in Montgomery County, PA.

Through five strategically located training centers with a host of innovative, tailored therapies and services, DEC has grown to be the largest provider of vocational and habilitation services for the intellectually disabled individuals in our area. We believe the individuals we serve have the right to live “everyday lives” – lives in which they make their own decisions, have friends and social interaction, and contribute to society.

DEC focuses on the abilities and competencies of individuals with intellectual disabilities rather than their limitations. We promote dignity, self-determination and independence through a combination of habilitative therapies, skill training and development and community integration. Our approach is to tailor individual support plans, customizing them for each individual. To do this, we focus on these main service areas:

  • community housing
  • living skills training
  • job training
  • employment
  • therapeutic
  • enrichment