Day Programs

DEC’s Day Programs

DEC’s five day programs offer a broad range of activities and services that focus on community participation, living skills, basic academics, literacy and pre-employment training.  Our caring and committed staff work to enhance the quality of life enjoyed by the adults we serve.  Through our innovative contract packaging and assembly program, the individuals we serve are trained by skilled professionals on a continuous basis to handle a wide variety of jobs.  The adults we serve receive considerably more than “just” an opportunity to supplement their income by working; they develop a sense of worth and purpose, engage in positive social interactions, and are given opportunities to be both productive and to grow.

Many of our individuals have the opportunity to participate in a variety of community integration activities that help build relationships and social skills.  DEC’s staff has established and continues to develop relationships with community partners allowing each location to maintain a rotating calendar of outings that include opportunities to volunteer at local food pantries, animal rescues, nursing homes, libraries, gardens and thrift stores.  Additionally, some of our individuals are becoming involved in health and fitness classes at their local YMCA.