Day Programs

DEC’s Centers For Day Programs

DEC’s  centers offer a broad range of day programs and services that primarily focus on vocational development, while creating outstanding opportunities for socialization and community integration. Our caring and committed staff works to enhance the quality of life enjoyed by the adults we serve. To this end, we strive to develop motor skills, to stimulate each individual’s senses and provide an important link to his or her environment; we help individuals to develop living skills; we provide activities that promote self-reliance and community participation; and we teach basic academics, literacy and pre-vocational skills.

Among other supportive programs, DEC offers are occupational therapy, behavior management, socialization and communication, sports and other physical activities, massage therapy, yoga and creative movement, and music therapy. In some cases, individuals are given an opportunity to look beyond themselves and develop nurturing skills by helping to care for a variety of small pets and/or tend to indoor plants and outdoor gardens.


Vocational Training

In our centers, individuals are given the opportunity to engage in paid work activities.  Through our innovative contract packaging and assembly program, the disabled adults we serve are trained by skilled professionals on a continuous basis to handle a wide variety of jobs. Intellectually disabled adults who participate receive considerably more that “just” an opportunity to supplement their income by working; they develop a sense a worth and purpose, engaging in positive social interaction, structure and a chance to be productive and to grow.

Financial support is provided by the Montgomery County Office of Developmental Programs and the Pennsylvania State Office of Vocational Rehabilitation; private foundation and government agency grants; various fundraising events and campaigns; and by corporations, community service organizations and individuals who share our commitment and vision.