Development Enterprises corporation

How to Apply

DEC posts its open positions on INDEED.COM. and CAREERBUILDER.COM, Craigslist, and a number of other smaller job boards in the region.

To find your job with us, perform a search for: “Developmental Enterprises Corporation”  in “Pennsylvania” OR “DEC” in “Pennsylvania”.  For further reference, we are located in Montgomery County in Pennsylvania. Zip code searches could include:  19464, 19090, 19401, 19490, 19426, 19403 or try your own zip code!  If you know the specific job title or position, that will help tighten your search parameters.

If you have a question regarding employment opportunities at DEC, contact our Human Resources Department at the Administrative offices at 610-277-3122 , or you may email your resume directly to our Human Resources staff at

Our Administrative office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  If you call after hours, dial ext. 1302 and be sure to leave your name and number so we can call you back.

Thank you for choosing us!