Development Enterprises corporation

Day Programs


Developmental Enterprises Corporation has five Day Program Centers in the Montgomery County area located in Norristown, Pottstown, Hatfield, Willow Grove and Worcester.  Each offers a broad range of activities, therapies and services that focus on the  individuals getting out into the community, socializing, and learning independence through our community participation program, and living skills, basic academics and pre-employment training programs and services.

It’s not all work and no play.  Many of the individuals also participate in in a variety of in-house therapies such as Yoga and Tai-Chi as well as creative movement and music therapy sessions.  There’s also ongoing nutrition and wellness programs.

Through our innovative contract packaging and assembly programs, many of the individuals are trained by skilled professionals on a continuous basis to handle a wide variety of jobs.  This earns them more than just a paycheck, they develop a sense of worth and purpose!

DEC offers the opportunity for the adults we serve to participate in a variety of community integration activities.   DEC’s staff have established, and continues to establish and develop relationships with community partners that allow each Center to maintain a rotating calendar of outings that include opportunities for the adults to volunteer at food pantries, animal shelters, nursing homes, libraries, community gardens and so much more!  Additionally, some of the folks have become involved in the health and fitness programs offered by their local YMCA’s.

We believe the individuals we serve have the right to live “everyday lives” – lives in which they make their own decisions, have friends and social interaction, and contribute to society.  Every day we strive to make that happen for the individuals we serve.