Development Enterprises corporation

Community Homes


The goal which our dedicated staff works tirelessly to achieve is four-fold:

  • To ease the way for adults with intellectual challenges
    and/or physical disabilities to fit right into the
    community — allowing them to enjoy a safe, healthy,
    everyday life.
  • To empower the men and women we serve so they
    may (to the extent possible) enjoy a self-directed life —
    one in which they make their own choices (meal
    planning, activities, socialization, etc.).
  • To encourage each individual to be a good neighbor, to
    give back to society and to be a valuable — and valued
    — part of the fabric of the community.
  • To create opportunities for developmentally disabled
    adults to participate in community events and

    activities — to have friends and enjoy social
    interaction, to shop at local stores, to handle

    employment responsibilities, to do the things that
    all of us, too often, simply take for granted.

With skill, patience, perseverance and love, everyone associated with DEC’s Community Residences Division is committed to a single mission: Achieve all that is possible.

DEC does not handle “cases” we provide roundthe-clock care to individuals. People challenged by disabilities, yet blessed with abilities in various forms and degrees; people who, just like everyone else, have dreams and desires, needs and concerns, likes and dislikes.

To help each individual achieve his or her maximum potential we follow a carefully-designed team approach. Under the direction of our CRD Director, DEC’s Community Residences Division creates a complete team of highly-trained people with specialized expertise — including a DEC program specialist, direct service professionals (DSPs), or full-time medical and residential coordinators. The team provides hands-on, year-round support to the men and women we serve — teaching them new skills, educating them on healthy eating, and helping them to make smart, informed choices.

We view both the family and the individual as integral members of the team. Together, we identify and agree-upon:

  • Goals (Outcomes)
  • Strategies
  • Implementation
  • Tracking (progress is reviewed on a quarterly basis)
  • Evaluation and Adjustment